The who and what of the course

Who is the course suitable for?

Commercially offered agile coaching courses predominantly focus on the agile part of agile coaching. Often the coaching part is left until the end of a long (and expensive) learning pathway. It is practically impossible for a new-to-agile beginner to practice conducting an agile coaching conversation unless they undertake a generic coaching course. Open Agile Coaching aims to fill this gap in the market.


The Open Agile Coaching course is aimed at anyone who wants to learn how to manage the challenge of when to "tell", teach or show clients how to do agile with when to open up a deeper conversation focussed on mindset change. In a word this course helps an agile coach become more RESPONSIVE (in-the-moment) to the needs of the client. 

The course focuses on how to conduct an agile coaching conversation. Emphasis is on self-reflection and practicing whilst on-the-job in your workplace with your colleagues. 

Open Agile Coaching is based on the Responsive Agile Coaching model shown below; go here to learn more about this model

What is the course about?