• Niall McShane

Course co-design update

Working with community members we're starting to hone in on the course breakdown and areas of focus.

What this course will NOT be:

  1. a replacement for existing agile knowledge learning pathways from certification bodies. Instead this course will focus on having conversations about the adoption of agile as a way to work.

  2. a professionally certified course; instead this will be a comprehensive and practical exploration of how to conduct an agile coaching conversation AND learn about yourself, your coaching style and how you're perceived by your clients.

The course will have three core modules; shown below:

  1. Knowing and learning about yourself, your style and how you're seen as an agile coach

  2. Learning how and when to start an agile coaching conversation

  3. How to move a conversation towards co-creating and embedding behavioural change outcomes that accelerate adoption of agile.

I'm facilitating community co-design workshops every two weeks for those that would like to join me. Go to the community to get involved or subscribe to this site to stay abreast of the course as it is designed.

Having discussed with some members we decided to complete the first module and pilot it first before moving to the rest of the course creation. This allows us to ensure the first module is engaging, interesting and hits the mark for participants.

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