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Update on progress - Nov 2020

Course Topic outline

I'm working away on the course and have broken down the modules as shown below:

I've been running this as a collaborative co-design process with members of this community ; you can join this free community to participate, just just follow along here or sign up for updates via this site.

Social Style as an indicator of coaching style

One of the ways the course will provide participants with insights is by way of a self-assessment test that gauges your agile coaching style. How assertive versus how responsive are you as you converse with clients? The assessment will be based on the social style model that's been around for years and I think is a great fit for coaches looking to understand how to manage themselves as they work with others. Here's a snapshot of the approach

GO-LIVE date for topics 1 and 2

I am aiming to have the course ready to go early next year with the first two topics being used as a pilot to test and learn from feedback. Then I'll progress to finalising the remainder of the course. That's all for now!

p.s. if you want to know more about me or my book here's some sites to check out.


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